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About Linwoods Superfood Blends

Sprinkle Awesome

A range of superfood blends filled with nuts, seeds and nutrients to help boost your day.

The Power Of Seeds: Linwoods range of tasty Superfood blends provide an easy and convenient way to include a wide range of Essential Fatty Acids, Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals in your diet. Only the finest quality organic ingredients are sourced from around the world to produce these natural, tasty and nutritious Superfoods. The seeds are ‘cold milled’ to protect the Essential Fatty Acids and all the nutritional goodness contained in the seeds.

From humble beginnings Linwoods range of healthy seeds, nuts & berries has grown to include over 15 different premium blends and healthy seed snacks. Linwoods is obsessed with the quality of their products and it’s reflected in everything they do - from sourcing the finest quality ingredients to our top-class production and high-quality packaging. And to make sure that their range of health foods can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, they are all gluten free, suitable for veggie diets and organic where possible.