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The question was simple.

Why craft premium spirits and then compromise the taste experience by masking the flavor with poor quality mixers? So begins the Fever-Tree story.

Following a tonic tasting in 2000, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow joined forces to analyze the composition of mixers and determine the best on the market. They quickly discovered that the majority of mixers were laden with preservatives and the use of cheap aromatics as well as artificial sweeteners was widespread. A combination that adversely affected the tasting experience. So, in 2004 they began creating mixers using all-natural and fresh ingredients.

Fever-Tree launched in the UK in early 2005. With no obstacle too large, the duo sourced the highest quality quinine from the Rwanda Congo border and blended it with spring water and eight botanical flavors, including rare ingredients such as marigold extracts and a bitter orange from Tanzania. Crucially, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavorings were added.
Since its launch in 2005, Fever-Tree has blossomed to a range complete with ten different varieties available in two size formats. Leading bartenders quickly caught on to the benefits of a premium mixer and today Fever-Tree is served in top hotels, leading restaurants and gastro pubs around the world.

After all, if ¾ of a cocktail is the mixer, make sure you use the best.

Since its launch in 2005, Fever-Tree has firmly established itself as the authority on premium mixers.

Now recognized as the pioneer and leader of the premium mixer category, Fever-Tree’s dedication to quality and innovation continues.
Determined to keep pushing boundaries, Fever-Tree is growing at an unprecedented rate and has received widespread acclaim from drinks critics, bartenders and gastronomes worldwide. The range now includes four types of specialty tonics, a hugely popular ginger beer, a rare bitter lemon, sparkling lemon, ginger ale, and club soda.
The brand continues to receive accolades from the trade, press, and consumer alike; having racked up an impressive bevy of awards including Great Taste Awards, Cool Brand Award, numerous Sofi™ Gold awards, and was named the “UK’s fastest growing drinks export company” by the Sunday Times. Fever-Tree Tonic Water was called "World's best tonic water!" by Robert M Parker, JR.


Which is why we've gone to the ends of the earth to source the highest quality ingredients from small specialty suppliers around the globe. It’s a determination unmatched by any other mixer maker and one you’ll notice at first sip.


Fever-Tree uses real quinine in five of its varieties: Tonic Water, Naturally Light Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic Water, Mediterranean Tonic Water, and Bitter Lemon.
Tonic water developed from the ancient use of a quinine, a product derived from the bark of the Cinchona Tree, as a natural fever reducer.
Fever-Tree sources its quinine from the last remaining plantation of Cinchona trees in the heart of the Congo. Using traditional methods, the quinine is harvested from the bark of the tree every eight years.


Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale are created using a blend of three different gingers sourced from around the globe.
• The Ivory Coast - This fresh, green ginger has a light aroma and hint of lime. Oils are extracted as soon as the ginger is harvested, giving the ginger its signature fresh flavor.
• Nigeria - Prized for its fragrant intensity, this ginger adds depth and complexity.
• India -This earthy ginger’s rich, almost chocolatey flavor complements the other ginger varieties spicy, complex flavor notes quite perfectly.


Determined to keep pushing the boundaries of traditional tonic water, Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic includes many essential oils of citrus and herbs gathered from around the shores of the Mediterranean.
Lemon Thyme and Rosemary sourced from Provence provide a uniquely delicate and floral aroma.


To source elderflower for its tonic, Fever-Tree had to look no further than its own backyard in Gloucestershire, renowned for growing some of the highest quality elder bushes in the United Kingdom.

The elderflowers are handpicked in the height of the growing season between May and June and the flavor extraction process begins just hours after picking to ensure optimum flavor is captured.


Some of the world’s finest lemons come from the fertile slope of Mount Etna in Sicily - the exact reason Fever-Tree chose to source its lemons from this region over other lemon varietals.
Typically reserved for the perfume industry, oil is extracted from the lemons by gently hand pressing the peels of the fruit using ‘Sfumatrice’ equipment. These essential oils are then incorporated into our tonic and lemon varieties